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Complete your UC Merced degree today.


Liliana Barron, wife, was enrolled at UC Merced in Spring 2013 as a Psychology major before stopping out. She has roughly 53 units left to completion. She has submitted her reentry application for Fall 2022 as a degree completion program student to earn her BA degree


Do you have some courses completed but no Bachelor's Degree yet? UC Merced Extension’s Degree Completion Program is an academic pathway for you! We understand there are many reasons that students leave college before completing their degree, so our campus has developed this flexible program specifically to enable you to return either part-time or full-time to work with your schedule, no matter what UC campus you originally attended.

Whether you are looking to reinstate at UC Merced, continue your education but are unsure of what major, or you started your undergraduate degree at another university, our Degree Completion Program is designed to provide you an individualized opportunity to finish your degree within the School of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts.

Benefits of Earning Your Bachelor’s Degree

  • Personal satisfaction 
  • Additional career options
  • Higher salary levels
  • Qualify for promotions
  • Greater marketability

Completing your first bachelor's degree offers you fantastic opportunities and benefits.

In fact, data shows students who complete their degrees will earn on average a million more dollars in their lifetime!

Take the next step and contact us to discuss what opportunities are available in completing your degree. Your success is a priority for us.